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When is Sex Ed Ever Age-Appropriate in The Public Schools?

***Please read below and take action while you can!*** Thank you very much!

The answer of course, is NEVER. Public school teachers with their evil curriculum, should NEVER be charged with the right or opportunity to discuss sex with anyone's child. This should ALWAYS be the responsibility of the parent(s) to do so at a time that THEY CHOOSE.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms has posted an article informing you of this atrocious bill and makes it easy for your to contact your representative in the NYS legislature to voice your opposition to such an alarming bill. If you feel the need to tell your elected representatives about your displeasure with the possibility of this bill becoming the law of NYS, pleas click on the following URL. They make it easy for us to do our best to stop this bill before it gets any farther in the legislative process.

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