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Next In Big Tech's Sights? Pro Life Organizations

LifeSite is a Pro-Life Catholic site. They have infuriated Big Tech (in this case, YouTube) so Big Tech will almost certainly be taking them down completely.

Here's what happened:

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas said he would not take any vaccine that contained the DNA of aborted children.

He acknowledged that while the Pfizer vaccine does not contain such DNA, it was nonetheless tested on a cell line that did include the aborted human fetuses.

LifeSite challenged that one [from being taken down by YouTube] because Bishop Strickland said nothing that wasn’t factual. YouTube agreed and put it back up.

An interview with vaccine researcher and microbiologist Pamela Acker, who wrote the recently-released book, “VACCINATION: A Catholic Perspective,” was “likely the show YouTube hated the most,” Westen said.

She revealed some of the most disturbing aspects of vaccines, namely that hundreds and even thousands of aborted babies may typically be used in their development and manufacture.

More disturbing, the babies must be healthy, over three months in gestation, and alive in order to harvest their organs.

Westen said that while the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine does not contain the remnants of aborted babies, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines do contain remainders of aborted fetal tissue.

YouTube’s cancellation of LifeSiteNews is just the latest in Big Tech’s mission to silence conservative voices — especially pro-life voices.

Now you might be saying, well I'm not a catholic and I do not condone most catholic beliefs. Therefore, I will not support their pro-life sites. All I am saying is that sooner rather than later, they (Big Tech) are going to silence you too. And if you don't take a stance now, it may be too late when they silence you and your opinions. So you better decide what you are going to do and then do it quickly. My input is this: doing nothing is NOT an appropriate option.

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