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How Do You Feel About Boys Walking Into The Girls Bathroom...In A Private Christian School?

This is just one component of what the NYS legislature wants to force on you and your children. And if we don't want that to happen, we MUST TAKE ACTION NOW!

S.722-Hoylman would expand the reach of the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) to all elementary and secondary schools—including Christian schools—in the State of New York. What would Sen. Hoylman’s bill mean for Christian schools?

  • Boys with gender dysphoria using girls’ locker rooms;

  • Boys competing in girls’ sporting events;

  • Students being allowed to crossdress at school;

  • Students who identify as “LGBT” complaining to the New York State Education Department (NYSED) of “discrimination” by Christian schools whose policies ban sexually immoral conduct; and

  • Investigations by the Commissioner of NYSED into schools that fail to comply with DASA.

But you can take actin now! Just click on the URL below and send an email to all of your NYS representatives. We must be on the offensive and take action now! Thank you.

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